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We celebrate everything we can think to party about at our house.  So when we restricted our diet recently, I realized I needed to get creative — and fast!  Everyone needs a birthday cake after all.cake madebyoliverAfter piddling around with my family recipes for a while, I realized that substitution was the only thing to do.   I started experimenting with my favorite:  Banana Bread.  EAT_COMPLETELY VEGAN BANANA BREAD I tried many vegan and vegetarian recipes, but never got the results I wanted.  After a large pile of discarded loaves, I went back to my grandmother’s recipe and simply changed the flour to unbleached  100% whole wheat and the sugar to pure maple syrup in exactly the same proportions as the original ingredients.  The big change was in the way I stirred.  I found I could not over-mix and end up with anything edible.  So I now mix everything by hand.  Surprisingly, the stirring actually takes less time than getting out the mixer, setting up the mixer, over-mixing, washing the mixer, and putting away the mixer.  All I need is the wooden spoon.


honeymaple syrup or molasses

for sugar

Be careful when shopping for sweeteners.  Ignore the marketing label.  That is the part with the product name in pretty colors and a nice picture.  Go to the less attractive back of the packaging and read the ingredients list.  These products should have only ONE ingredient:  maple syrup or honey or pure molasses.  If the jar includes anything else, put it back on the shelf.

sugar chart for printing

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 Some are OK with using stevia and Xylitol, but my choice is to stick with old fashioned and pure sweeteners only.


Thank you to Madebyoliver for the b’day cake mage.