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When I wore dark business suits to work every day, I grew tired of poorly fitting shirts that wrinkled  like a raisin by the time I got to work.  Especially after spending a great deal of time starching and ironing them.

Sometime around mid-morning too, I began looking like a deflated balloon because I couldn’t keep their tails tucked in.  Too long, too wide through the middle, and slightly off grain… I figured I could do better.

I used a commercial pattern as a starting point.  As usual, I couldn’t just fit the pattern and leave it at that so I could fix my wardrobe.  I changed the length and the fit through the torso so my shirt wouldn’t wrinkle when I sat.  I made it short so I wouldn’t need to tuck it in.  I modified the necklines and the hem shapes.  …AND I did it differently every time.  Most important to my sanity, however, I cut those stinkers on the STRAIGHT GRAIN so they would hang from my shoulders without excessive wrinkling.  I was even able to wear them under my jacket without them looking like pajamas when I removed said jacket.