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How valuable can a Field and Stream from 1980 be? 

Pretty valuable as it turns out.  So it and its brothers now have homes in a series of these.   MAG FILESBecause I am not allowed to dispose of that 35 year old paper, I decided to stash them all inside a home-made mag file.  This is what I did:

I found that a Family Sized Cheerios box is the same size as some of the old office bookshelf files.  205So I traced the height and angles onto the outside of the cereal box,

…and I measured the distances in case you do not have an old office file to trace.  Draw a horizontal  4″ line across the box top from one edge toward the center.   Measure 5 1/2″ down from the top on the box side, and draw another horizontal line.   Connect the end points of each line…


I cut away the triangles on front and back and the corresponding rectangles on the box sides.

230Just so I could make the next Mag Holder faster, I recorded all the measurements on a sketch and…
255DRAW A PATTERN 4 I drew a pattern on freezer paper

I chose a medium to heavy weight woven fabric, and cut out the pattern shape.  As a starting point, I folded the hem on a short vertical side.

300I diluted white glue and smeared [not spread] it onto one side of the box.  Then I carefully matched the edge of the box on the hem and pressed and smoothed the fabric to remove air bubbles and wrinkles.  I worked my way around the box repeating the process and folded the terminal hem under at the end.  310I folded the raw edges over the top to the inside and  glued and clipped in place with clothes pins.   Binder clips, or paper clips work too.   MAG FILESLast, I wrapped the bottom of the box like a present.  Lots of glue and smooth folds are key here.  I pressed in the folds to make sharp and flat corners.  Otherwise the Mag Holder will wobble when it’s full of magazines.350

500 ←  OK.  I had to show you my nice, flat folds.  🙂




Here’s a finished one – with MY magazine in it.700

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