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CHAIR COVER Part 1: Measure for Parsons Slipcover

What am I working on today? …Slipcovers  I OVER planned…as usual.The expression “analysis-paralysis” was coined for me.
Just get to it, Kathryn!

How do you measure for a slipcover?

Very Carefully!     I‘ve measured the most simple of chairs to cover and 12documented the process here.  


I have needed additional dining chairs for a very long time. When we have family in for dinners, people sit on everything from step stools to the piano bench from the front room. That is OK and sometimes fun, but I have run out of seating plenty of times. While Christmas shopping, I found some comfortable Parsons style chairs at dirt cheap prices. The fabric wasn’t appealing or durable, so I decided to think about them. Did I really want to take on an upholstery project right before Christmas? Yes. I bought them anyway, and yes, they sat in my kitchen for a couple of months before I got to them.
I pulled some fabric from my stash and started measuring…I will demonstrate using my chair’s measurements as the examples. Yours might be different.

From lower back edge over backrest top...A) Measure from lower back edge of upholstery over backrest top and…

A) Continue measurement over top of backrest and down to seat crease. Bend tape and continue across seat to bottom of upholstery in front.

Crease Depth

B) Stick a ruler in the crease at the junction of the seat an backrest.  Shove it in there as far as it will go. Then read the measurement where the seat crosses the ruler.

Seat Depth from CreaseC) Measure from the seat crease to front and down to bottom of upholstery.  D) The measurement from crease to front edge is the seat depth. (not shown)  Gusset height at front is the difference between these two.

E) Seat width at crease → Distance=15 1/2”E) Seat width at crease

Gusset WidthG) Seat gusset [side] at crease shown by yellow tape
H) Seat gusset [side] at front shown by green tape

Backrest side DepthI) Backrest width at crease shown with green tape
J) Backrest width at top shown with yellow tape

Seat Width at front F) Seat width at Front

Write this down!

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