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Sew a VERY EASY Kimono

I found this fabric on an end lots remnant table and priced at a substantial discount.  It had all the earmarks – I got it even though I didn’t have a clue what for.  
The drape was so nice, I decided a kimono or scarf jacket for my daughter to wear with cut offs would be perfect.   She wanted her kimono as full and as drapey as it could be…much more than I would have chosen without input.  As usual, she had many requirements.


She wanted her kimono as full as it could be – much more fabric than I would have chosen.  So I folded the fabric lengthwise and cut along the fold halfway to the end.  Then I draped the fabric over her shoulders and snipped to get a smooth curved neckline.

I made a 3″ box pleat dead center of the back.  Then I took up width on the shoulders using a cased drawstring sewn to the seam allowance on the inside.  This is adjustable and can be let out entirely when washing the kimono…or if we decide to tuck out some of that excessive fullness later on.  I serged a 2.5″ band on all edges except hem, which I simply turned up.  Just for fun, I vented the underside of the sleeve band.

Not too bad for an hour’s worth of fiddling around.  😎