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We rececardiogramntly began eating Vegan at my house because of the HUB’s heart attack. It came out of nowhere, and he felt no particular symptoms prior to his heart failing.

My mom had been counselling him for years to cut out all that milk drinking, limit your pizza food-23and burger consumption, and ‘I am surprised you can hold another piece of pie, cake, cookies’, and food-23so on…..He wasn’t a pig,  just honestly hungry all the time.

I, on the other hand, had grown up eating healthyfruit-14 foods. We ate like stormtroopers but  my brothers and I were the skinniest of the skinny kids.   At the ball field, the fruit-23swimming pool, on hikes and all the other places, my mom packed sandwiches and fruit and juice for us insteadfruit-31 of allowing us to eat from the concession stand like the other kids.  What a drag! We ate sweets, but infrequently. We didn’t feel deprived though.  I was lucky that my mom was so far ahead of her time in her thinking.  I carry those habits still today.

Sometime in the 1990s, I suddenly realized I was feeling bizarre. I began to feel uncomfortably fullpregnant-woman after eating. Combating that, I cut back on portions, thinking I must be eating too much without realizing it. I had also begun to gain a few pounds,sumo-fighter I blamed that on unrelieved stress and increased my daily exercise. None of this seemed to help much. A lot more YOGAstretching-exercises relieved the uncomfortable-after-meals sensations for a little while, but soon I was hungry again – not a little hungry, but really, stomach-growling, tired-feeling hungry.

What in the heck was going on with me? Was I falling apart? scaredDid I have some elusive and uncommon digestive or circulatory disease? I ate the highest quality cuts of meat, concentrated on lean beef, white poultry, and fish. I loaded up on the fresh vegetables I love. I forced fruits that I do not love so much.

When the cardiologist told the HUB to discontinue eating

animal-based foods,

processed foods from the grocery store,

and restaurant foods

if he wanted to heal from his heart attack, I wondered if we could do it.

I am describing a lifestyle change…not a diet or an occasional change of meal plan or anything else small.  cutlery-set-on-a-plateIf you are thinking of changing you eating habits, and you must be or you wouldn’t have read this far into the post, you will need to go whole hog. Mixing vegan dishes with your usual salt, sugar, and chemical laden choices will never work. The vegan dishes will taste flat, and your jaded taste buds will continue to lie to you. Remember this. Your taste buds have been adhourglassdicted to refined sugar and salt in massive quantities. Your body needs to acclimate. As your body cleans itself of wastes and residue left behind and begins to heal, your tastes will change and it won’t take very long.

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