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HEALTHY EATING 2: Burg Substitute

Everybody has a go to meal – the one fixed when time is short, nerves are frayed, and everyone is starving.  Mine was hamburger on a plate with a potato and a green vegetable.  Slap the burgers in the pan, the potatoes in the oven, and steam the frozen goodies.  That was the so-called healthy quick food my former self offered regularly.    Everyone needed to dress up the naked potatoes with something  – butter, sour cream, gravy… Steamed green beans beside all that grease, well it is no surprise that vegetables were force fed.  Making a sweeping change broom-1in eating habits is very hard to do AND to maintain.  So how to make it easier?

I had to come up with something fast.  The obvious solution was a look-alike substitute.  My new go-to substitute is NutBurgs.  [My own jargon.]   I can still accessorize them with a potato and frozen vegs if I am too tired for words, or I can get a little fancier and healthier and cut up fresh vegetables with  herbs.  Either way vegetable sides are pretty easy to throw together.  More on the those later. 

 They look just like the real thing, don't they?
Ready to go into the oven. They look just like the real thing, don’t they?
Cooking in olive oil on stove top.

  I scanned the online recipes for veggie burgers and my favorite of them is the original recipe below.  The variation is a more efficient use of ingredients, but tastes about the same.  The Throw Together version is easiest, most efficient and tastes by far the best, in my opinion. 



Seasoning options:

When I throw the ingredients together to make burgers like the ones pictured, I add a couple of handfuls of chopped pecans or chopped walnuts.  It gives the burgers a nice texture.  If you like a zing in your food, add your favorite hot pepper to the mix.


Find or create a substitute meal for your go-to.  Having it in your mind and back pocket helps you through the witching hours.

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