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Beans are good for you.  Yes, they have a high percentage of carbohydrates, and yes, they are the good carbohydrates – complex carbohydrates.  Because of that, beans have a low glycemic index, which means they do not cause a blood sugar spike and its associated health problems the way refined sweet carbs like desserts and white bread do.  What beans can cause is gassmoke-yellow-sm, but that can be eliminated by soaking and rinsing before cooking.

 I usually keep beans on hand – cooked and ready to mix or to eat.  Several of my favorite plant-based meals call for beans of one kind or another so cooking a pound or two ahead of time streamlines chow time.  After the cardiac episode, I preferred to err on the side of caution and completely omitted canned beans from grocery lists.  Also, I found cooking much cheaper $$$ if I used dry beans instead of canned.  

With the tiniest bit of planning ahead  dried beans are no more trouble to prepare either.  If you don’t already own a crock pot, this might be the time to think about it.  One of those implements does all the bean cookin’ work for you – what little there is of it.


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